Student Organization Resource Council (SORC)

Student Organizations Resource Council (SORC) supports club life at Seattle Central.

Each year, we have around 30 active clubs on a huge variety of topics that range from social & cultural communities to academic program support. Any student can join any club. View our currently active clubs.

If you can't find a club related to the topic of your choice, it's easy to start a club. All it takes is two (2) current students, a faculty/staff member willing to serve as your advisor, and filling out the application. Learn more about the process for starting a club by clicking the link.


We help clubs access information, resources, and trainings available and review club funding requests. SORC works with Club Commissions to promote collaboration among clubs with related interests and across fields. In short, “We love our clubs” means: service, support, encouragement, guidance and the offering of resources.

Student clubs create he majority of events on campus during the school year. This takes a lot of work and skill to make sure they are successful. SORC is here to help and guide student clubs through the event planning process by clicking the link.

SORC has a limited budget to fund student club expenses that support a vibrant campus community at Seattle Central College. They are allocated equitably amongst the clubs as requested throughout the school year. You can find more about club funding by clicking the link

The Student Organizations Resource Center, also known as the SORC Office is available for your organization to hold meetings, plan events, store supplies, archive information, or simply hang out with other club members. SORC members are available to help you conduct your organization’s business.

Here are some of the services provided in the SORC Office:

  • Club Lockers
  • TV Screen
  • Computers
  • Event Supplies
  • ...and more! 

Our Events 

SORC along with our clubs hosts 50+ events per year! Check out some of our past ones.