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This page was last updated on 6/14/2024! More clubs pop-up throughout the year, so keep checking in on this page. Most clubs will be taking a break over the summer, but if there's any club meetings over the summer, we'll make sure to update them! 
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Basketball club provides opportunities to interact with other students regardless of their backgrounds. We welcome all the students whether they have played before or for the first time playing basketball. Our aim is to promote a environment where everyone can enjoy basketball and build a long-lasting friendship through sports. Basketball club provides opportunities to interact with other students regardless of their backgrounds. We welcome all the students whether they have played before or for the first time playing basketball. Our aim is to promote a environment where everyone can enjoy basketball and build a long-lasting friendship through sports. 

[Spring Quarter] We meet Thursdays at 3:30 pm--5 pm at the MAC

Club Contact Information

Joe Tai | Club President 

Daichi Yasui | Vice President 

Our purpose is to foster a welcoming community for those who enjoy climbing to meet other climbers, and better their skills.
We also aim to create accessible opportunities for those interested in climbing.

Club Contact Information

Jason Taylor | President 

Garrett McCarthy | Vice-President 

The College Should Be Free Club is a student-driven, community inclusive organization dedicated to working towards the future where college is accessible to all. We are committed to creating a space where all individuals and groups can come together to discuss this issue, and to create an agenda that is for and by the students/community to improve our school way of life. We believe advocacy can never accomplishes what mobilizing and organizing does.
Our club is founded on a deep love and appreciation for our school. We value our teachers, administrators, staff, and community.

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Brett Palso | President

Madeleine Gamache | Vice-President

Our purpose is to provide education, awareness and service to future clinicians and the SCCC Community.

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Class of 2024
Taylor Kesler | President

Hazel Krueger | Vice-President

Class of 2025
Madison Combs | President

Tierra Ratliff | Vice-President

We would like to create delicious fermented food and beverages, destigmatize the art of fermentation, and explore different cultural fermentation practices. 

We require all club members to get a Food Handler's permit within the first 2 weeks of joining. If you would like us to cover the cost for the Food Handler's permit, please email

Club Contact Information

Tristan Yerkes | President

Ralph Capili | Vice-President


We play video games and bring gamers on campus together as a whole to do some tournaments or be creative on a Minecraft server.

Join our Discord Community

[Spring Quarter] We meet Thursdays from 1:30 pm to 3 pm in the Club Room

Club Contact Information

Dakota Bell-Towne | President

Jaiden Ougland | Vice-President

Our aim is to connect students with a passion for linguistics and language together, and to host a time for open discussion of topics not currently being facilitated during in
person classes.

Club Meeting Details- 
Time- 1:30 to 3:30 p.m.
Day- Every Tuesday
Location- BE4122

Club Contact Information

Laela Leslie | Club President 

Josephine Forney | Vice President 

The Programming Club is a space for students to share and learn about computer programming. By working on weekly coding challenges and tasks they choose to be assigned from projects, they develop their programming skills at their own pace and with help of other students and mentorship.

Club Contact Information

Contact Programming club by emailing

Allie Goodman-Callender | President 

Francisco Fonseca | Vice President 



Respiratory Care Club promotes awareness and progress of respiratory care. We plan to have respiratory care tabling and respiratory tutoring sessions. We plan to collaborate with other clubs in order to create smoking cessation activities and medical seminar series.

Club Contact Information

Michelle Nguyen | President


We are a group of students who enjoy playing football. Everyone is welcome to join, regardless if you're a pro or just a beginner.

Club Contact Information

Jean Pablo Cuevad | Club President  

Abaad Zaheer | Vice President 

The Cinema Collective brings together students who are interested in viewing, critiquing, and producing films. This student organization will create a supportive place for students to engage and practice their passion for cinema.  

[Spring Quarter] We meet Mondays from 1 pm to 3 pm in the Club Room

Club Contact Information

Ethan Murray | Club President 

Harper Ellison-Berg | Vice President  

Pay homage to the game of bowling through application and research.

Club Contact Information

Oliver Warlick | Club President 

Phuc Nguyen | Vice President 

The Seattle Central College Chapter of the Student Nursing Association, which is dedicated to fostering the professional development of nursing students

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Jillian Fennessy | President

We bring players together for a fun, and social club. We shall be a space for people to play a variety of games, host talks and seminars to cover various topics (examples: teaching players about various games or how to play Dungeons & Dragons for new players), workshops for creative aspects of gaming, and arranging games for club members. We will strive to make this a fun social activity for everyone involved.  

[Spring Quarter] We meet Wednesdays from 3 pm to 5 pm in the Club Room

Club Contact Information

Sydney Good-Southard | President 

Tai Anh Vu | Vice-President 

The mental health benefits of walking outside in nature. The Walking Club is the perfect opportunity for students to step away from their desks, breathe in the fresh air, and stretch their legs while enjoying communication with classmates. The Walking Club offers park walks and city walks around Seattle while taking photos, picnicking, and more. Hoping students can walk to reduce stress, improve mood, and fresh focus.

To get more updates about our club meetings and events, follow our Instagram @walkingclub_scc and fill out our entry form.

With scenic routes around Seattle, engaging discussions during walks, and potential themed events, we're creating an environment where students can build both physical and social wellness. 

Club Contact Information

Contact Walking club by emailing

Rouchang Huang | Club President 

Songmei Hu | Vice President 

“We encourage and inspire everyone to strengthen their body, socialize, and have fun all together.”

Our club evolves around this mission statement. We provide the members with the best environment to meet people with similar hobbies and host various events related to physical activities/weightlifting to fulfill the goal and improve ourselves.

To get more updates about our club meetings and events, follow our Instagram @scc_wlc and fill in our entry form.

[Spring Quarter] We meet Thursdays from 12 pm--1 pm at the MAC 210

Club Contact Information

Seojun Kim | President 

Franklin Wetzel | Vice-President 

We would like to facilitate a space to create a student-run newsletter for Wood Technology Center.

Club Contact Information

Katharine Smith | Club President

Charlie Burch | Vice President

Diversity Student Organizations

Amigos Latinos is more than just a club; it's a vibrant community that celebrates the rich tapestry of Latin cultures. Our purpose is clear: to provide a welcoming space for students of Latin origin to connect, engage in meaningful conversations, share delicious food, and foster a supportive environment that transcends cultural boundaries.

[Spring Quarter] We meet Thursdays at 12:30 pm--2 pm in the Club Room

Club Contact Information

Max Avalos | Club President  

Victor Juarez | Vice President  

Black Student Union (BSU) aims to create an alliance between Black Students, Africans, and Allies. BSU exists to elevate cultural and constitutional education, express views of social power, and support our students and our community alike. 

[Spring Quarter] We meet Thursdays from 3 pm to 4 pm at the MAC 210

Club Contact Information

Darren Johnson | President   

Nathan Fisher | Vice President   

Gather all the the Chinese student in SSC, and express the Chinese food and culture into SSC.

[Spring Quarter] We meet Thursdays from 1 pm to 2 pm in the Activity Room

Club Contact Information

MianChen Xu | Club President 

YiYang Peng | Vice President 

Our mission as the Consolidated Student Union is threefold:

1. Consolidate student ideas and power in a grassroots organisation in order to make sure empowerment comes from the students & students empower each other through their
educational journeys.
2. Unite Student Organisations and bring greater cooperation between student organisations.
3. Protect Students and their interests, through mobilisation of students.

[Spring Quarter] We meet Thursdays from 2 pm--4 pm in the Activity Room

Club Contact Information

Club Email - 

Idaya Gruenwald | President 

Frey Ortega  | Vice-President 

We would like to foster a dynamic community that celebrates diversity and embraces inclusivity.  We welcome students of all backgrounds and nationalities (international and domestic) to our space for connection and exposure to global cultures.  Our unwavering commitment is to ensure every member feels represented and celebrated in our club, nurturing a secure haven for unity and profound cultural enrichment.

[Spring Quarter] We meet bi-weekly on Wednesdays from 1:30 pm to 3 pm starting on May 15

Club Contact Information

Jack Miller | President 

Punch Laiwiwatn | Vice President 

We, the members of the Mandarin Study Club, are united by a shared passion for learning and appreciating the Chinese language and culture. Our purpose is to provide a supportive and engaging environment for individuals of all proficiency levels to come together and enhance their Mandarin language skills.

Club Contact Information

Zonghan Lin | Club President 

The purpose of the Muslim Student Association (MSA) is to provide a platform and support network for Muslim students at Seattle Central College. The specific goals and purposes are Religious and spiritual support, charitable events and promoting a positive understanding of Islam.

Club Contact Information

Mardiya Osman | President 

Sahlan Khalif | Vice-President 

Queer/Trans Cooperative is a student club focused on building a safe and accepting community for Seattle Central's sexual and gender minority students and allies. Uniting the spectrum of unique identities and philosophies found within the LGBTQ+ community, our mission is to develop a culture of empowerment around a core of education and activism. We will hold bi-weekly meetings to discuss and explore our understanding of LGBTQ+ issues and organize community events.

[Spring 2024 Quarter] Meets at 1 pm–2 pm every Monday. Sign up for Queer/Trans Cooperative and join our Discord Community

Club Contact Information

Club Email |
Jared Rogers | Co-Lead

Central’s RSU will provide a safe space for students to stand in solidarity and enact positive change within and outside our communities, specifically working against gentrification, imperialism, and intolerance against all oppressed peoples.

Club Contact Information

Elle Vonada | President  

Marly Koala | Vice-President 

As the United Arab Emirates Club, we would like to:

  • Support and Help Each Other: Our club's main goal is to be there for Emirati students, especially those who are new in Seattle and adjusting to English institutions. We want to provide them with the support, guidance, and information they need to feel comfortable and confident in their new academic settings.
  • Celebrate UAE's Culture: We're all about promoting and embracing the amazing culture of the United Arab Emirates! We want to share the fascinating history of the UAE and how it came together as the United Arab Emirates. We also aim to showcase the values that make the Emirates so special. Through fun events and activities, we'll make sure everyone gets a taste of the UAE's rich heritage.
  • Connect Globally, Share Cultures: We strongly believe in the power of connections and learning from one another. 

Our club is excited to collaborate and team up with student clubs from different countries. By sharing knowledge, experiences, and traditions, we can broaden our horizons, break down barriers, and create a global community that celebrates diversity. 

Club Contact Information

Mansour Al Ahbabi | Club President 

Shehab Almemari | Vice President

We would like to unit the Vietnamese community at Seattle Central College by carrying out bi weekly meetings. Open to people who may or may not identify as Vietnamese to serve as a safe space to help them explore and learn about the Vietnamese culture. It’s also a great opportunity to meet new people, make friends, and to have fun!

Club Contact Information

Amy Dao | President

Jennifer Dang | Vice-President


SNCC would like get students involved in improving their communities, through civic engagement.

(Spring Quarter) We meet every Thursday from 12pm to 2pm in BE1110

Club Contact Information

Nathan Fisher | Club President 

Micah Johnson | Vice President 

Past Clubs 

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  • Business Student Association
  • K-Club
  • Dungeon & Dragons Club
  • French Club
  • ...and 50+ more! 

From Fall 2022 to Spring 2023, we had over 30 Student Organizations!

Full List of 2022-23 Student Organizations & Clubs.