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Queer/Trans Cooperative is a student club focused on building a safe and accepting community for Seattle Central's sexual and gender minority students and allies. Uniting the spectrum of unique identities and philosophies found within the LGBTQ+ community, our mission is to develop a culture of empowerment around a core of education and activism. We will hold bi-weekly meetings to discuss and explore our understanding of LGBTQ+ issues and organize community events.

Meets at 3:30–4:30 p.m. every other Tuesday over Zoom.

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Jared Rogers | Co-Lead

Juliette De Laurentis | Co-Lead

Our purpose is to create a place for everyone  interested in Japanese food, culture, anime, etc.

Meeting times: TBA

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Noa Shiga | President

Shizuka Ogata | Vice President

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Our purpose is to organize health and human services students to improve the likelihood of completing educational programs by supporting one another with study groups as well as social activities that promote degree completion. Join us on discord!

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Kuwanda Fair | President

Nikia Marshall | Vice-President

Respiratory Care Club promotes awareness and progress of respiratory care. We plan to have respiratory care tabling and respiratory tutoring sessions. We plan to collaborate with other clubs in order to create smoking cessation activities and medical seminar series.

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Taryn Ciardi | President


Our purpose is to provide education, awareness and service to future clinicians and the SCCC Community.

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Samanatha Bull | President

Krystal Mills | Vice-President

The Student Nurses Association hopes to contribute to the nursing education at Seattle Central by promoting involvement and creating long-lasting relationships within the Nursing Program on-campus and throughout the Seattle Community.

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Sharrin Manor | President

The purpose of this club is to encourage students to look beyond the traditional way of doing math. The club will offer a variety of math problems that are not necessarily covered in traditional math classes, as well as puzzles, riddles, and other activities that encourage mathematical curiosity.
The goal of this club is to show students that math can be engaging, social, and fun.
There’s no barrier to entry into the club, everyone is welcome regardless of their math level.

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Laura Chifan | President

Yiwen Chen | Vice-President


Sharing, working, teaching, learning, practicing, and solving algorithmic problems using programming languages.

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Contact Programming club by emailing

Francisco Fonseca | President 

Daniel Johnson | Vice President 

The Drawing Club is absolutely for everyone:
- people who are interested in trying their hand at drawing.
- people who already have skills and want to sharpen them.
- people who just use drawing as a way to relax and reduce stress and anxiety.
Entry-level - beginner, no skill required

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Alina Shukala | President

Han-Chih Huang | Vice President

The First Gen Club at Seattle Central College is a space for all students who identify as first-generation college students, meaning neither of their parents has a four-year college degree. The purpose of this club is to help build strong support for students experiencing a similar transition to college where we can share resources, ideas, goals, and aspirations as we build a supportive community.

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Troy Washington | President

Jamie Mai | Vice President

A club where students can enjoy volleyball and connect. Courses can be stressful for student, one deal that
is club where students can share idea, help other, learn about one other, and exercise.

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Yuto Komatsu | Club President 

Alina Shukala | Secretary 

We seek to share this great hobby with anyone interested, and play together! Beginners welcome! Defeat a Dragon! Save a Kingdom!

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Mercer Waddel | Club President

It's Simple: We play roundnet (Spikeball) and have fun.

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Felix Coble | Club President

Griffin Righi | Club President

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