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The Seattle Collegian is the independent student news publication of Seattle Central College. Founded in 2018, we follow a long tradition of student journalism on Capitol Hill, beginning with The City Collegian in 1966 and continuing with the Central Circuit from 2008 to 2016.

Our obligation is to the truth and to our readers — the students, staff, and faculty of Seattle Central as well as the citizens of Capitol Hill and the city of Seattle.

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The opinions presented in this publication are those of our opinion contributors and do not necessarily represent the opinions of the publication staff.

Editorials are the opinions of individual publication staff or the collective editorial board.

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Interested in having your articles and visual media published? The Seattle Collegian strives to give a voice to the community at Seattle Central by providing an outlet for journalism as well as opinion pieces and letters to the editor from students, staff, faculty, and the community. If you have an article, photograph, or other original work, send it with your name and contact information. Contributors are compensated for published submissions.

Publications Board

As outlined in WAC 132F-121-040, the Publications Board promotes free and responsible discussion of campus and community issues while addressing publishing issues which may arise. It addresses issues of censorship, investigates charges of libel, upholds the Newspaper Code of Ethics, and mediates any charges of misconduct. Find out more information here (link to publication board).