Club Funding

Summer Quarter Funding

We will not be able to buy anything for clubs until the beginning of Fall Quarter.

SORC is able to provide funding for a number of club activities and events. Each request is reviewed during the weekly SORC meetings. Whether a club wants to put on a dance or attend a conference, we are able to provide funding. Below is our funding request form and guidelines.

What We Can Fund

  • Supplies and materials
  • Conferences (local and national)
  • Food incidental to event or meeting
  • Equipment
  • Venue reservations
  • Fundraising supplies

What We Cannot Fund

  • Gift cards, gifts of appreciation
  • Prizes for raffles or games of chance
  • Reimbursements without pre-approval
  • Instructional activities
  • Private parties

Funding Request Form

To apply for club funding, use the above online funding request form and guidelines. While SORC is able to provide funding for club activities and events, we only have so much to spread across to all the other clubs. 

Funding Deadlines

2 Weeks Prior

  • Memberships
  • Food 
  • Other small purchases (under $450)

3 Weeks Prior

  • Travel 
  • Guest Speakers/Performers 
  • Large Purchases (Over $450)
  • Venues 

Fundraise for your club

Whenever a club fundraises, the money goes directly into their club account. In the event that we are unable to provide full funding for a request, a club is always able to ask for funds from their club account. This account is managed by us but the ultimate decision on what to spend the money on is made by the club.