Associated Student Council (ASC)

Meet Your Student Government

The Associated Student Council (ASC), the official student government of Seattle Central, represents student interests to the college administration. The ASC leads the organization of a broad range of student committees that address issues and concerns and promote services that enhance the student experience at Seattle Central. The ASC consists of 6 student executives chosen through a rigorous peer selection process each spring. An additional 6 Associate members are chosen in the fall to work on specific projects for the student body.

Weekly Meetings 

When: Mondays from 3 to 4 p.m. (beginning the second week of each quarter)
Where: Student Leadership Conference Room, SAC 362 (above the college bookstore). These meetings are open to the public and all students encouraged to attend. 

Constitution and Bylaws 

The Associated Student Council operates within the structure created by their Constitution and Bylaws. This outline their responsibilities and the function for the organization.

Here are the forms for the Bylaws

What They Do


As your representatives, the ASC works on issues that are important to students on campus. The ASC Executive of Issues and Concerns gathers suggestions and concerns from students on campus. The ASC Executive of Administration meets with our college's President and serves as a non-voting member on the Board of Trustees.

Service & Activity Fee Budget 

Through the S & A Budget Subcommittee and the work of the ASC Executive of Finance, the ASC tries to wisely spend the Service and Activity Fee Budget to help the widest range of students on campus. Review 2019-20 expenditures here    


Each year, the ASC Executive of Legislative Affairs organizes a trip for students at large to speak with their representatives in Olympia.  This give you a voice in statewide political issues that affect your education here at Seattle Central. 

Improve Campus

Making positive change on campus is what motivates all ASC members, but the ASC Executive of Student Success works specifically of finding and implementing ways the college can change to remove barriers and help students succeed.  The ASC Executive of Communication works to reach our to all students and coordinate communication between all the student boards.