Event Planning

Make your event the next big thing.

Club events do not just appear out of thin air. They take time, collaboration, and diligent planning to pull off. Whether it's the supplies, day of, or wrap up, each part requires a team effort. One of SORC's primary functions is to make this process easier. SORC members are ready and willing assistants to support the creation of club events.  



  • Large Venue
  • Food
  • Requires Funding
  • Travel
  • Paid Performer/Speaker
  • Unique Graphic
  • Student Space/Classroom
  • No food
  • No Funding
  • No Travel
  • Free or No Performer/Speaker
  • No Unique Graphic

Reserve a Room or Table for your Event

One of the first steps of planning an event is securing a location. A room or tabling request can be made many months in advance. Even if it is a tentative time, take a moment to submit a Room or Tabling Reservation Request now!

Hold a Special Event

Part of what makes an amazing campus experience are the different events that are held across the college. Whether they are sponsored by departments, clubs, or organizations they all contribute to a special event.


Envision Your Event

  • Who’s your audience?
  • Why are you holding this event? What would it look like if successful?
  • How are you going to make it happen?