Services and Activities (S&A) Fee

Services & Activities Fee Committee

The S&A Fee Committee is a subcommittee of the Associated Student Council, Seattle Central College’s Student Government. The Service and Activities (S&A) Fee Committee, chaired by the ASC Finance Executive, includes up to six students and no less than 3. The Dean of Student Development serves as a non-voting advisor to the committee. The committee reviews the budget and makes recommendations. Most recently, the S&A Fee Committee allocated $1.5 million for the 2023-24 budget year.

Weekly Meetings

When: Tuesday from 1 to 2 p.m. (Starting October 3, 2023)    
Where: Student Leadership Conference Room, SAC 362 (above the college bookstore).    
These meetings are open to the public and all students are encouraged to attend.

What Can Be Funded?

Funds in Services and Activities Fees accounts may only be used as provided by law, rule, or regulation of the Board of Trustees for the express purpose of funding student programs and activities of the College.

There are general guidelines that are followed when considering what the S&A funds may be used for. Expenses associated with traditional and time-honored activities such as student government, clubs, or activities of other official student organizations, student health and wellness programs, retreats, conferences, musical, dramatic, artistic, debate, and other presentations, events, and activities of an extra-curricular nature, student publications, and other mass media initiatives are considered permissible expenses.

For a more comprehensive list of permissible activities refer to the Killian Guidelines and the S&A Procedural Manual

Yearly Process

The Service and Activities (S&A) Budget Committee makes the application available in the Fall quarter. The application deadline is early winter. The committee will have budget hearings during the winter quarter to decide by the begging of the Spring quarter. They will review and recommend S&A allocations which are ratified by the ASC and later sent to the President and Board of Trustees for approval. A summary of the expenditures can be found within the S&A Program Descriptions and Expenditures document.