Meet the ASC

The 2021-22 Associated Student Council members include:                                                                   

Alex Roque - Executive of Administration

Alessandra Roque
Executive of Administration

Mary - Executive of Legislation Affairs

Mary Nguyen
Executive of Legislative Affairs 

Wendy Bu- Executive of Finance
Wendy Bu 
Executive of Finance

Ecko- Executive of Student success

Abuduaikeranum (Ecko) Abulikemu 
Executive of Student Success

Wubwa- Executive of Issues and Concerns

Wubwa Ibrahim 
Executive of Issues & Concerns 

Ahmed Abbasi Executive of Communications

Ahmed Ali Abbasi  
Executive of Communications

Taryn  Representative, Health Education Center

Taryn Ciardi
Representative - Heath Education Center 

Paul Pedersen

Paul Pedersen
Representative, Wood Technology Center

Ronnie- Associates of Finance

Ronnie Kuan
Associate of Finance


Anudari Otgonbayar
Associate of Administration

Tai Lee

Tai Lee
Associate of Legislative Affairs