Student Leadership Building Renovations


Schematic drawing of proposed renovated Student Leadership Building

Proposed renovations to the current Student Leadership Building

In 2019, Associated Student Council formed a committee to start the renovation process of the Student Leadership building following students’ request for more campus gathering space. Student Leadership hired an architect to gather student input that year and by 2021, the architect began proposing design and floor plan ideas using student feedback.

By law, capital investments from state legislation can only be spent on educational spaces. Since student union buildings cannot be funded by the state, ASC Student Leadership is proposing a new Student Enhancement fee to fund the renovation of the current Student Leadership Building. In 2023 - 2024, Student Leadership will offer up a vote to approve or reject the new student fees. If approved by the student body, Student Leadership will appear before the Board of Trustees for final project approval.

Features of the Proposed Building

  • Dedicated study area/rooms
  • Meeting rooms
  • Communal kitchen
  • Boba stands
  • Snack dispensers
  • Gaming area

Building Budget

$13 million renovation

Project Timeline


Mission and vision of student union building finalized


Discussed the following scope options with Schreiber Starling and Whitehead:

  • Renovating just the first floor, approximately 7,000 square feet
  • Renovating the first & second floors while also expanding the building by 9,000 square feet
  • Renovating the first and second floors, approximately 14,000 square feet

Budget developed based on the following estimates:

  • A total full-time equivalent (FTE) student count of 4,107 for 2018-2019
  • A total part time student count of 4,607
  • An assumption that full-time students enroll for three quarters per year and reach a quarterly fee cap 

Started focus group with students and Schreiber Starling and Whitehead architects

  • The focus group discussed the services and the facilities space the campus was lacking
  • The focus group also created the wash list for the building

In 2020, Student Leadership finalized the scope and approved the renovation of the first and second floors and expanding the building by 9,000 square feet.


Surveyed student body for the features to include in the renovated space


  • New architect hired to develop layout and details of new building space (Rolluda Architects)
  • Rolluda Architects hosted two events with students to get student input


  • Proposed student union building floor plans finalized
  • Students sign petition to move forward with the initiative
  • Students vote to approve new fee
  • Final approval from the Seattle Colleges Board of Trustees


  • Estimated ground breaking


  • Estimated major completion

What will the new building look like?

Take a look at the proposed renderings of the new Student Leadership building. Watch the video:

Full set of architectural renderings (PDF)


Student Building Committee Leadership

Chairperson: Long Hei (Ronnie) Kuan

Members: Jinyang Xia, Danya Vargas, Bemi Hailu, Nikki Lwin, Tamara Yap, Nanami Taono, Daksha Kravchinskaya

Contact Associated Student Council with questions about the proposed Student Campus Enhancement Fee:

The new Student Enhancement fee proposed amounts to $8 per credit with the cap of $80 per quarter.

Creating an environment where all students, staff, and faculty feel safe and welcome.

More space: The proposed building is centered on our student-first mission and offers students a diverse, inclusive and accessible place to relax, refuel, recreate, study and gather.

The current building is located on the east side of Broadway, right across from the Broadway Edison building, which includes the Mitchell Activity Center (MAC) and the Student Leadership building. The proposed building will be in the same location, however will be expanded and renovated. 

All currently enrolled students will have to pay the Student Enhancement fee once the project is approved by the Seattle Colleges Board of Trustees.

The new fee will pay for the remodeling and expansion of the building.

Once the project is approved by the student body and Board of Trustees, Seattle Central will begin collecting new Student Enhancement fees from students. A certain amount of money will need to be saved before construction can begin. The estimated year to finish construction will be 2033.

It will take around two years to remodel and expand the building.